Portraits of LT Media Lab

One of my employers, LT Media Lab, has an ever-changing and expanding network of people. Nested within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction of the College of Education and Human Development, the Learning Technologies program attracts some fascinating, passionate people. I’ve been lucky enough to take their pictures recently, a task that has pushed me to grow as a photographer beyond landscapes, and, in all honestly, has been way more fun than I expected.

A Vision for Itasca Biological Station

After visiting the station of its annual alumni weekend, myself and a small band of other undergraduate storytellers are working to distill the experience of the station and visitors’ relationship to it. With these things articulated, we hope to envision a new future for public engagement at the station as advised by Dr. Jonathan Schilling, this station’s new director.

Earthworm Invasions: Tiny Worms with Big Impacts

Among the many species humans have introduced across the world, earthworms may be one of the least assuming. But by aerating the soil and accelerating decomposition, they actually change forest landscapes radically. In tandem with a group of researchers here at UMN, myself and some communications colleagues are working on a animated short to communicate these researchers’ work and, ultimately, help their work attain some much-needed crowd-funding.

Research at UMN’s College of Biological Sciences

At the moment, I’m working on two separate pieces showcasing some of biology research done here at UMN. One centers around some new insights about how wetlands can filter fertilizer runoff from agricultural land, which came from a team of people led by Amy Hanson of the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. The other piece focuses on some work done by Dr. Jonathan Schilling and a team of collaborators aiming to learn how fungi play a role in forests’ resilience to hurricane damage.

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